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With over 2 billion global users, Facebook is the world’s largest media platform by a long haul. It’s small wonder then that the hot topic for advertisers and media houses in 2018 so far is the continental shift taking place within the infamous algorithm.


On January 12th Mark Zuckerberg announced a move to prioritize “friends” content over publisher and news outlets. He stated, “I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.”


Mark Hull, Director of Product Management at Facebook said in a video released by the company,

“We’ll also consider whether a potential interaction is between two people, or a person and a page.”


While these changes are a determined response to the company coming under governmental scrutiny for its role in spreading “fake news” during the 2016 US presidential election, the ramifications for brands are wide spread. Organic reach from a page is now so low it might as well have been removed altogether from the newsfeed. Businesses will need to rethink their Facebook strategies for 2018, decreasing investment in content and increasing investment in paid advertising to deliver content to new audiences. You can be sure this change will affect the cost per click rates within the year and increase competition for spots in the newsfeed. The days of using Facebook’s cheap media spend to achieve results with weak adverts are over. Facebook has never been more audience focussed and effective ads must deliver high relevance and stand out to their intended viewers.


This shift is something Outlook Orange picked up early in 2017. The combination of plummeting ROI in both boosted and organic content as well as the new suite of business objectives from Facebook advertising had clearly marked the way forward. Moving on the changes early, we have been able to evolve our use of Facebook from driving engagement for the sake of engagement, to driving business objectives through paid advertising.


While our focus will always remain brand development, digital media is Outlook Orange’s primary communication tool. We believe in creating meaningful brand experiences, communicated with insightful relevance to specific audiences. With a potent combination of pin-point targeting, engaging creative and advert optimisation, we deliver excellent, measurable returns throughout our campaigns.


If you find yourself needing to adapt your Facebook strategy to the shifting goal posts, get in touch. We would love to partner with your brand.


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What does it mean to have vision in business?

Throughout our business journey, we have come to realise that every brand makes a functional promise. But in a market place where consumers have become skeptical and incomes and confidence are low, these promises appear empty. We believe in brands that don’t just make promises, but which ask of themselves… what purpose can we serve.  A brand that brings this purpose to life through every consumer touch point, is a brand with vision. Those are the brands we create.

Dreamers dream about things being different. 

Visionaries envision themselves making a difference. 

– Andy Stanley 

The difference between where your business is today and where you want it to be tomorrow, all depends on what you do. Your vision guides the “what you do” element. We take care of the rest.

Here at Outlook Orange, we’re all about a melting pot of creativity and imagination, wisdom and vision; and the extraordinary results that come from it are testament to years of brand development experience that guide businesses toward the clarity necessary for success. A clarity that they long for. A clarity they need. We help brands articulate their vision, to find purpose among the promises, and a direction that serves them best. When your brand vision clicks, it reflects and supports your business strategy, differentiating you from competitors, resonating with your customers, energising and inspiring your team and giving rise to a surge of ideas for future success.

We are calling on brands who understand what is needed and who appreciate that there is a lack of meaning and clarity within their strategy. Let us guide, teach and inspire you to greatness.

The result… success for both your business and the lives of those you touch.